Friday, May 17, 2013

Thinking of Drinking: Blackberry Lemonade Cooler

Memorial Day is almost here.  Enjoy some refreshing cocktails as the season begins.  You can find this one and more in the Capital Cooking Cookbook.

Blackberry Lemonade Cooler

2 cups of lemon juice
4 cups water
2 cup sugar
1 bag of frozen blackberries
2 cups ice
Lemon slices for garnish
2 cups of rum

In a saucepan boil 2 cups water with sugar, stirring, until sugar is dissolved (simple syrup). Add lemon juice, and remaining 2 cups of water and cool. 

In a food processor or blender puree blackberries and stir into lemonade. Pour blackberry lemonade through a sieve into a pitcher or other container and add in rum, then chill. (*You can add additional water if you want it a little less sour.)

Serve lemonade over ice in tall glass, garnished with lemon slices and sprigs of mint or in margarita glasses.

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