Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: Lauren's Picks

The holidays are right around the corner so it is time to start thinking about finding the perfect gifts for the ones you love.  I'll continue adding more products as I review them.  If you'd like your product considered, please email me at capitalcooking@gmail.com.  Happy Holidays!

Local Picks:

If you don't have a copy yet, get one for yourself and one for all of your friends.  The Capital Cooking Cookbook is only $20 from now until Christmas by using this code:  5KCP7TEC.  Perfect for present to make special cooking memories!

Santa Lucia is a boutique coffee company based in DC known for its creamy and chocolaty flavored beans.

Tickets to the International Food and Wine Festival on February 11-12th! This year we’re offering an exclusive promotional code for Capital Cooking readers that gives you a special discount of $10 off the Grand Tasting tickets. The promo code is CACO10.

Wine and Beer Lovers:

The Fuller's Vintage Ale 2011 is smooth and delicious.  The Paulaner Wiesn is a German blonde that comes with an Oktoberfest Mug!

Gourmet Rooster Wine Accompaniment, with two savory spreads, water crackers, salami, gourmet cheese and chocolates
Stein Family Wines:  Sierra Foothills Tempranillo and Gewurtztraminer
Any of the amazing wines from Vinbev.com


Soiree Gift Set:  This set is perfect for wine lovers because it aerates the wine as you pour.

Peugeot Ixon Lock Blade Knife is perfect to take on a picnic for opening wine and more.


Use Cook’s Vanilla Beans when you bake for the authentic vanilla taste without artificial flavoring.  The beans are available at Bayou Bakery, Cork Market, Palena Market, Black Salt Market, Central Coffee Roasters (Sperryville, VA) and Home Farm Store (Middleburg, VA). 

King Arthur Flour Bread Bake Gift Basket is such a fun gift for your baking friends.
King Arthur Flour Cookie and Cake decorating kit


Chroma USA offers amazing knife sets for professional and home cooks.  I use these knives on Capital Cooking.
 Edgeware zesters, graters and more... are essential gadgets for the kitchen!

 Al Dente Pasta Gift Sets are the best for the aspiring chefs in your life.  This set is complete for a romantic evening and includes 2 beeswax candles.
This mushroom garden allows cooks to grow their own mushrooms at home.
Warther Chef's Knife
Wean Green is the perfect storage solution for holiday left over.


Rigoni di Asiago Jam
J.D. Gourmet Barrel Aged Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar adds some rich chocolaty sweetness to any dish. 
You can't go wrong with Starbucks Ethiopia Harrar Coffee.
MarDona Specialty Products make fabulous gifts.  The White Truffle Oil and Salt are great on popcorn. 
Enstrom's Amazing Peppermint Cookie Bark and Almond Toffee:  The cookie bark is outstanding!!
Breadwinner sweet homemade bread 4-packs ($56) are great gifts.
 Del Grosso Sauce gift sets have something for everyone!
The Spice Lab has a variety of Sea Salt gift packs for your foodie friends to discover some of the best tasting salts from around the world. 
Sauce Goddess spice rub and sauce
Bagel Spice was originally designed as a condiment for bagels but it's potential use is only limited by one's imagination.

Indulge Gourmet® The Absolutely Fabulous Chocolate Covered Pretzel® comes in a gorgeous gift box holding 9 Salty, crunchy pretzels dipped by hand.
Liz Lovely cookies are nice for your gluten-free and vegan friends.

Gourmetblends are barrel aged from 25 years in Italy and make wonderful gifts
Put together a package for your entertaining friends.  These Little Ragghis Crackers are great for parties.

Cocktail Lovers:

Grey Goose La Poire is a fantastic gift!

Diep 9 from Belgium has a variety of flavors that any cocktail lover would enjoy.
To Relax After the Festivities:
Herbal Comfort Booties and Neck Wrap make you feel so relaxed!

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