Thursday, April 19, 2012

Top 5 Sushi Spots in DC

When I started Capital Cooking, I hit the streets to find out what people considered "DC Cuisine".  Seafood came back in many of the responses.  While I'm not sure if they were referring to sushi, DC's restaurants have a lot to offer in that department.  Here are my top picks for the best sushi in DC:

SEI:  You'll find a lavish white interior with dim lights and a super cocktail list.  I love the playfulness of their Fish and Chips Roll.

Kaz:  Kaz follows the traditional Japanese standards and offers a sushi experience unlike any other in Washington.  His 13-year establishment provides a tasting menu that takes you through a raw fish journey that I call 29 Bites of Heaven.

Fujimar  (Fuji: Mountain in Japan; Mar: Sea in Spanish):  I tasted the best sashimi in town at Fujimar.  The King Salmon's buttery flavor melts in your mouth.  The Walu nigiri is so pure with a deliciously sweet finish.  The menu is laid out in a completely friendly way with descriptions of the flavors for each fish.

Zabb Modern Asian Restaurant:  Zabb has a great roof deck and an extremely creative sushi chef.  Make sure to order the Main Attraction if you like lobster.  

Buddha Bar:  I recommend Buddha Bar for more of a weekend evening meal.  It is dimly lit with somewhat of a clubby feel.  I love Buddha Bar's Tataki Sashimi dishes with tuna, salmon and yellow tail.  Make sure to order the Hana Awaka sparkling sake to pair. 

Photos by Corey Then and Emily Clack


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