Thursday, February 19, 2009

Time Flies

It has been one year since we filmed the first episode of Capital Cooking. We started the show with DC Cuisine and learned how to make the famous half-smoke at Ben's Chili Bowl. We interviewed people at Eastern Market to find out their views of DC Cuisine and received mixed responses. We've tried to use those responses to create more episodes and so far have produced 17 episodes to date. Each episode gets better than the last. We're trying really hard to improve the quality of the filming and the content of the episodes which isn't always easy on a limited budget. We're also getting faster thanks to our fabulous crew! We're currently airing in 25 cities nationwide and should be pod casting soon. With the help of Dana McFadden and Josh Cohen, we are able to edit the episodes to meet all of the station deadlines.

This weekend we are going to film "My Family Favorites" with my mom and aunt who are in town to visit. This is my aunt's first time to DC so it should be a lot of fun. It will also be special to film with my family that taught me the skills to cook. We'll be making Cosmos, Spinach Balls, Chicken Duchess and Carrot Cake. Filming is a ton of work, but so worth it! This is my outlet and my passion and I love sharing it with you. Happy Cooking!

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