Friday, March 20, 2009

Filming Fun

Last weekend we filmed Crazy for Cupcakes and Edible Housewarming Gifts. As always, it was lots of fun but also exhausting. Thanks again to Le Creuset and Cutco for the beautiful pots and knives. The knives worked fabulous for chopping the pistachios and dried cherries for the bark. Also, thank you to my wonderful guests, Jules from Nearly Normal Cooking and Mary and David from Mallow Drama. Thank you to David Crosson and my hubbie, Corey Then, for the excellent camera work.

Stay tuned:
Edible Housewarming Gifts: Washington D.C. is described as a highly transient city with workers, politicians, officials and interns coming and going from all over the world. With all of the people coming and going, you are likely to be invited to a housewarming party. Join Lauren and Jules Shepard of Nearly Normal Kitchen to make the perfect housewarming basket.

Crazy for Cupcakes: Cupcakes have become a national pastime, thanks in part to the now famous Magnolia Bakery. Everyone just can’t get enough of this sweet goodness. Lauren will teach you how to make some fabulous cupcakes at home as well as exploring some of the best places to get cupcakes in the DC area.

Photos by D.C. Hughes

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