Thursday, September 17, 2009

Let me know what you think of Capital Cooking's new opening

Rough Cut of Show Intro 9-16 from Capital Cooking on Vimeo.

Filming and editing by Nick Szpara. Music by Jazzy Blu. Make-up by Ame Cosmetics: Tammy Hargrove and Lauren Killip.
Special Guests: Sarah Charnes, Audra Heagney and Rachel Pryor

We had a great time filming the new opening around DC and visiting the farmers market on 14th and U.

Last night the class was a huge success! 15 student learned the art of Moroccan Cooking and we had lots of fun. Thanks to Alili for contributing the Argan Oil and Preserved Lemons!


Lo said...

I love it, but I am bias..your hair and makeup has never looked better ;)


Mary Supley Foxworth said...

I love the new opening! Nice mix of shots on the street and in the kitchen.

Capital Cooking said...