Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sweet Deal: OYA Lunch Special...only $10

OYA, the amazing Japanese restaurant located at 777 9th St NW is now offering a $10 “TO GO” Lunch in a Bag!

You choose from:

  1. sushi, entrée salad or sandwich
  2. OYA adds Artisan Chips or seaweed salad and edamame with sushi
  3. End with your choice of Sweet

All for $10...What a deal!!!

Includes seaweed salad & edamame and choice of sweet
Choice of:
Spicy Crunchy Shrimp
Crispy Tuna
Rock N Roll

Entrée Salad & Sandwiches
Includes Artisan Chips and choice of sweet
Choice of:
Apple, Endive and Grape Salad
Mai Thai Salad
Chicken Caesar Salad
Tomato and Grilled Bread Salad
Garden Sliders
Smoked Turkey and Brie Sandwich
Pulled Short Rib Sandwich
Teriyaki Salmon Sliders

Choice of:
Banana Bread Pudding
Carrot Ginger Bars
Fresh Fruit and Granola Parfait.

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