Monday, March 3, 2014

First Taste: Doi Moi

The Bottom Line:  I was so excited to try Doi Moi, but I left feeling underwhelmed.

When I saw Kaow Soi Gai on the menu, I couldn't wait to try it... but, it just wasn't that great. It wasn't bad, but just no comparison to the dish I had in Chiang Mai. The best dish was Bun Bo Xao - Stir Fried Lemongrass Beef on Vermicelli Noodles. The beef was tender with a delicious flavor. I also liked the spicy cashews. The butternut squash was kind of soggy and the coconut milk broth was a bit too runny. The papaya salad was solid. The sablefish dish was fine, but the flavors didn't pop. The dishes we tried were all decent, but I was really hoping to be blown away. 

Have you been? What were your thoughts? Maybe I'm just spoiled from eating in Southeast Asia and wished for too much.

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