Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Best Sushi in DC

I'm sure you've been wondering where you can find the Best Sushi in DC. I asked the writers of Capital Cooking to chime in as well. If we missed your favorite, please comment below. Also, you can check out more of our "Best Of" Lists Here
Lauren's Pick: SEI- The rolls are phenomenal.
Mickie’s Pick: Mate -- Gourmet rolls that will impress any sushi fanatic.
Lauren Rosalanko’s Pick: Farmers Fisher Baker, they offer it at their brunch, lunch and dinner. Many choices to choose from!
Rachel’s Pick: Makoto
Amanda's pick: Izakaya Seki- Very fresh and very exciting. 
Laurie and Kathy's Pick: KAZ Sushi Bistro - very fresh, and a great selection of rolls and bento boxes.

Photos by Emily Clack and Lauren DeSantis

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