Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Happy 1 Year Anniversary DCity Smokehouse!

DCity Smokehouse BBQ Eats!
By Lauren Rosalanko

DCity Smokehouse celebrated their 1 year anniversary and I was lucky enough to finally test out almost everything they have to offer! The celebration had a variety of their meats and sides and I was excited to have the opportunity to try a small taste of everything! They offered their brisket, turkey, pork belly, chopped pork, sausage links, and pit smoked wings. For the sides, I was able to try the hush puppies, crispy Brussels sprouts, and house made pickles.

Brisket is my favorite barbecue meat and this brisket was superb. It was so tender that you did not need a knife and it had a fantastic, smoky flavor. I also thoroughly enjoyed the chicken wings. They were seasoned with chili powder and a hint of brown sugar making for a savory and sweet taste. While I did test out their BBQ sauce and typically add a ton of sauce, these meats were so flavorful that sauce was not a necessity, but rather an added bonus to the flavor.

DCity's Awesome Menu Board

Both side options were great. The Brussels sprouts were perfectly disguised in the same rub as the wings and the crispiness of the Brussels sprouts made them a great side dish, I would even recommend them for someone who isn't a fan of the underrated veggie! The hush puppies might have been my favorite bite of the night. These hush puppies were cooked to perfection, slightly crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. 

The Team at DCity Smokehouse
Rob Sonderman, the pitmaster at DCity has the experience, creativity and passion to catapult DC into having a "BBQ personality." Sonderman spoke to the group of party attendees' and explained the uniqueness of DCity Smokehouse and menu experimentation. The menu has a wide variety of sandwiches, sides and meats allowing customers to have many options. Sonderman also mentioned, "If the love is there, it's gonna be good." This was my first time eating at DCity Smokehouse, but will certainly not be my last. The amount of love, passion and devotion to customers by preparing the food in the best way possible is clear. While getting out to North Capitol and Florida Ave NW isn't exactly the easiest, I am definitely coming back to try The Brisket Champ sandwich, filled with brisket, friend onions, housemade pickles served up on Texas Toast. DCity Smokehouse is not a place to miss and if you love barbecue this restaurant is the place to go in DC!

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