Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Thinking of Drinking: Aperol Spritz

It is time for holiday parties. Check out my segment on Let's Talk Live!

I’m sure the invitations are beginning to roll in. I love to host them and follow some key standards when it comes to cocktails. First, I like to start with a perfect signature cocktail. I like to have one drink that is a little more special when the guests walk through the door. Something with a cute garnish. 

Then, I like to have a punch for the evening. Guests like to have these options because beer and wine can get boring. 

It is also fun to do a drink with bubbly to add a little fanciness. The Aperol Spritz is perfect. 

Last, I like to have a special treat for the gents. From my experience, they love sipping good whiskey and Baker’s fits the bill. It has a silky smooth texture and is aged for 7 years.

Aperol Spritz

1 part Aperol

Kim Crawford Fizz

Pour a shot of Aperol into the Champagne glass and fill with the Kim Crawford Fizz.

Glassware by: Villeroy & Boch 

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