Monday, January 30, 2017

New Fitness Studio: SweatBox

By Claire Goldman

From the body shaping experts at Vida Fitness comes SweatBox.  Vida experts tried every kind of studio workout in DC & New York to cultivate this all new still of high intensity interval training exercise.

Individual SweatBox Stations

The stand out aspects of this workout are the special bikes and individual equipment stations called boxes.  The bikes are designed to take your personal information such as weight, age and exercise level and turn that into your "watts" number.  Using this personalized technology, the bike can measure how hard you're working and LED lights on the front of the bike will tell the rest of the class just how much you are feeling the burn.

The cycling makes up about 30% of the class, there's also TRX body weight exercises as well as free weight moves targeting every muscle in your body.  Unlike other interval training studios, each individual station has all its own equipment.  You'll be feeling the effects of this hour long full body workout for a few days after.

All of these aspects combined with energetic instructors like Alexx and blasting motivational pop music makes for a great workout.

Thanks to Bitches Who Brunch, Jrink and Power Supply for hosting our first SweatBox class.

For more information on the SweatMethod or sign up for a class (the first one is free) go to the SweatBox website.

Inside the lobby of Vida Fitness
1612 U Street NW

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