Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Dining Out: The Best Thai in DC You Didn’t Know About

I grew up eating Thai food. Every Sunday night I knew I would be hopping in the car with my 8-person family and driving to the hole-in-the-wall Thai place in my hometown. 

The spot was originally called Bua Thai, but changed it’s name a few times, and finally stuck with “the Thai place,” which seemed fitting because it was really the only spot you would find me eating Thai food. 

My family and I became such regulars at the Thai place that when we walked in the door, they already knew our order. They even catered my brother’s rehearsal dinner, and although I’ve been a resident of DC for 6 years, whenever I go back, I am greeted with the biggest familiar smile. 

Living in the Midwest, there wasn’t much around to eat that wasn’t fast food or a part of a restaurant chain. The Thai place was my safe haven. They introduced me to new flavors and spices that I had never experienced before. I wasn’t a foodie back then, but the Thai place opened up so many doors I had never known were there. When I moved to D.C., one of my first missions was to find my next Thai place. 

Fast forward 6 years in D.C., and I still hadn’t found the spot. Until now. 

Thai Chef blew me away. I was ready to be disappointed, ready to talk to my friends about my infamous hole-in-the-wall Thai place from back home, ready to swoon about my favorite Thai dishes I haven’t been able to eat in years. 

But it didn’t happen. The first thing to come out was the Papaya Salad, something I have never tried before. I wasn’t excited. I took one bite and realized right then and there, I found my DC Thai place. The salad was so spicy, so crunchy, so fresh! I didn’t need anything else to come out. 

The rest of the meal continued to surprise me. It made me realize all over again how much I want (and need) to go to Thailand. Instead of ordering my favorite classic Thai dishes, such as panang curry or pad Thai (which they of course have!), we decided to continue down a new path. The papaya salad gave us the push we needed to branch out. 

Our table was covered with Moo-Ping, Catfish Pad Ped, Tilapia Sam Rod, Kao Mun Gai, and Poh Tak Seafood. I had never fully jumped into a menu like this, and with each new dish I had a greater appreciation for Thai street food. 

Throughout the meal we sipped on delicious cocktail creations made at the bar. My favorite was the Purple Rain Cocktail, which was vodka infused with butterfly pea flower, lychee, demerara, and lime. Other delicious cocktails included the Mad Moss, Coconut Magic, and Fishing in Mekhong. 

After indulging in all of the savory thai dishes, we had to look at dessert. We ordered the classic Mango Sticky Rice and the traditional Bubble Waffle. It was the perfect way to finish the meal. I am still dreaming of that sweet rice dessert. 

I can’t wait to go back, and I am absolutely ecstatic to bring my family here when they visit me. 

About Thai Street Food 
Thai Chef Street Food is a Thai eatery in DuPont offering a menu of Bangkok Street Market bites and specialties. While it has been called Thai Chef for ages, it was acquired by new owners and re-opened in June of 2017 with a more authentic concept. Thai Chef is located right in Dupont, at 1712 Connecticut Ave NW. For more information, go to: Thai Chef DC

If you ever need someone to get thai food with, message me! You know I’ll be up for this thai place.

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