Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Dining Out: Plant-Based Options at Silver

Living in NW DC, I was always trying to find a good neighborhood spot around the area to walk to with friends. Silver has become my go-to spot. 

Silver has all the classics, including juicy burgers and milkshakes, as well as healthier selections such as grilled atlantic salmon, gluten-free pancakes, and watermelon salads. However, Silver now offers plant-based dishes: Beyond Meat Sausages; Pesto Meatless Meatballs; Beyond Meat Italian Sausage Plus Cappelini; and a Beyond Meat Baja Burger. 

Plant-based options have been trending, and I wanted to see if Silver could really pull off these dishes the same way they make their delicious fried chicken mac n cheese, angus cheeseburgers, and bison huevos rancheros. The incredible menu was all curated by Executive Chef Ype. I went over to the Cathedral Heights location on a lovely Sunday afternoon to dig into his new plant-based eats. 

To begin my Sunday brunch, we started with a Peach Bellini and a Cherry Bellini with their infamous Brussel Sprouts. If you haven’t had these sprouts before – you must order them next time! It is my all-time favorite dish at Silver. 

For our main dishes, we ordered: 

Caramel French Toast with Beyond Meat Sausages 

Beyond Meat Baja Burger 

My boyfriend, who is a meat fanatic, was apprehensive! We split the “burger” in two and counted down from 3 before we both took our first bite. To his surprise, he LOVED the Beyond Meat Burger. We devoured the entire plant-based meal. I can’t wait to have the burger again! It is giant – and topped with cinnamon chipotle spice, adobo mayo, an avocado mix, pica de gallo, queso fresco, radishes, and rocket greens. YUMMM! 

For dessert, we ordered the Vegan Lemon Tartlet with fresh blackberries and my absolute favorite drink: The Silver Smash. 

Chef Ype has out-done himself again! I can’t wait to go back in for another brunch – and you know I won’t miss pups on the patio during the week! 

For more menu items and reservations, go to: Silver

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