Monday, August 4, 2008

Filming: A Rustic Roman Afternoon

We've been on a little summer break from filming since June, but yesterday, we started filming again. Filming is lots of fun, but I forgot about how much work it is to plan each episode and coordinating the crew, studio time, etc. I also forgot about the nervous feelings that I get before filming each episode. 

Yesterday we filmed "A Rustic Roman Afternoon" with Patricia Sanitate. We had a great time making the Italian cuisine and sharing stories. During the show we made an Italian Kiss Cocktail, Involtini alla Romana, Gnocchi al Forno, Insalate Fine Estate, and a raspberry tart. All of the recipes will be available on my website soon. 

It is rewarding to finish filming each episode and even more so once we complete the editing. Thank you to the fabulous crew for all of your hard work. (Wendy Murphy, Mary Diaz, Corey Then and Roxy Harbitter). The episode should air in the DC area in a few months and we will continue distribution from there.
Photo by Mary Diaz

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