Monday, January 12, 2009

Restaurant Review: Obelisk

Thank you Aunt Patty and Jon! Last Christmas my Godmother gave me a very generous gift card to Obelisk. We recently found it and decided to go out for a nice meal. When we arrived to Peter Pastan's restaurant in Dupont Circle, we slid open the door and it seemed as if we were interrupting a dinner party. Obelisk is small and only seats 36 people. Make sure to plan ahead. Once we made our way to the table it felt cozy.
The menu is handwritten and changes daily. The restaurant has been open for 22 years and has a lot of character. The service was excellent. It is a Fixed-price 5-course dinner for $75. They start by bringing a series of small plates (antipasti misti) to the table including a creamy and delicious burrata mozzarella, fried Maine oysters, artichokes, roasted peppers, cured pork belly and sardines. For the Primi course we enjoyed the gnocchi with lamb ragu and the arugula ravioli with walnut butter. At this point we were stuffed and we only had 3 more courses to go. For the Secondi, Corey decided to be adventurous and go with the squab (pigeon). I stuck with the juicy pork chop. A cheese course follows and the meal concludes with dessert (Chocolate Hazelnut cake and Caramelized Tangerines) and a plate of sweets. We had a great experience at this restaurant. If you are up for spending this much money on dinner, I would also recommend City Zen.


2029 P St. NW
Washington, DC 20036
Phone: 202-872-1180


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