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Recipe: Diver Scallops with Pork Belly and Scallop Ceviche

These scallops make the perfect appetizer for a fancy dinner party.

Marcel’s: French Style Cuisine

Capital Cooking with Lauren DeSantis

By: Chef Paul Stearman

Appetizer: Diver Scallops with Pork Belly and Scallop Ceviche

Serves 4

6 large Scallops

½ LB Raw Pork Belly

1 chopped Carrot

1 chopped celery

½ chopped onion

3 cups veal stock

2oz Small Diced Mango

2oz small Diced Pineapple

Small bunch Cilantro

Small bunch Chives

2oz Coconut milk

1oz Honey

2oz Cream

Olive oil

Lime Juice and zest

Phyllo pastry

Season the Pork Belly with salt pepper Cayenne Paprika and cumin, sear it in a hot pan just to caramelize the edges. Place it in a small baking pan with the carrot celery and onion, cover with the veal stock cook over night at 150 degrees. Cool until hard, slice into small squares the same size as the scallop.

Brush the Phyllo pastry with clarified butter, fold it in half, cut it into 2 in squares and bake them at 325 for 10 min in small cups or shot glasses.

Blanch the parsley then put it in a blender with some olive oil, cool.

Dice Two Scallops, add mango pineapple lime juice salt pepper and some chopped cilantro, have this ready and cold in the refrigerator

Put the honey, cream and coconut milk in a small sauce pan and bring to a boil, Set aside.

When you are ready to serve Sear the pork belly and the scallops, place the scallop over the pork belly, place the Phyllo cup next to the scallop on the plate, fill it with the Ceviche. Whisk the coconut sauce until frothy, spoon some froth onto the plate, drizzle some chive oil. Top with chervil.

This recipe is from our French Style Cuisine show at Marcel's. 

Photo by Emily Clack

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