Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chef Enzo's Table at Teatro Goldoni

Last week we were wowed at Chef Enzo Fargione's Table at Teatro Goldoni. Chef Enzo served every dish with an artistic and imaginative presentation. Our favorite dish was the applewood-smoked branzino that sends up a puff of smoke when you lift the lid of the wooden cigar box. Make sure to check out the chef's table soon. Also, be sure to tune in when Chef Enzo will be a special guest on the Capital Cooking Show.

Appetite Openers:
-Anise dusted seared tuna lollipops

-Cornets of vinegar cured salmon belly with crispy fennel and California Osetra caviar
-Italian sushi roll with pickled carrot ginger

-Glass vase of artichoke puree, black olives air and rosemary scent

-Tempura zucchini flowers stuffed with fava beans puree, port wine glaze with crispy pancetta

-Deconstructed Buffalo mozzarella cube with balsamic gelatin strip and cherry tomatoes

-EVOO mousse covered with milk chocolate and focaccia crumbs with gold leaf

-Honeydew soup sour cream thyme roasted lobster blk truffle foam red pepper spicy gelatin

-Grilled watermelon and fennel shaves spoon with toasted almonds and charred scallions


-Two color organic tomato eggplant terrine popsicle with basil gelatin

-4 minutes smoked Branzino carpaccio in a cigar box
-Lobster risotto cherry tomatoes confit in a caviar tin and crispy basil
-Red beet tortello filled with spinach sheep ricotta and running quail egg spring asparagus broth shaves of Summer black truffles and parmesan foam

-Butter roasted baby octopus raw polenta sauce fried capers polenta crackers fried basil spicy orange caramel
-8 hours braised veal cheeks in port wine with crispy corn pancetta and mascarpone cheese sauce Summer black truffles and Merlot wine froth


-Basil sorbet shooter with poppy seeds in cocoa nib basket and sour green apple gel with

caramel sauce
-Vanilla flavored panna cotta sunny side up with orange yolks Sicilian pistachio and tulip
virtual bacon

1909 K St NW
Washington, DC 20006
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