Friday, February 5, 2010

Hello Cupcake to Predict SuperBowl Winner

Football analysts say that the Saints strength is offense and the Colts will challenge them with their defensive players, but what local cupcake lovers want to know is which one has the best frosting? The answer coming from Hello Cupcake is both.

Hello Cupcake, located in Dupont Circle, is making its own SuperBowl predictions, one purchase at a time. From February 1 to February 8, customers can support their team by purchasing Colts or Saint cupcakes. Three hours before kick-off on Sunday, Hello Cupcake staffers will announce a winner.

Hello Cupcake knows that football is an all-American pastime and nothing is more all American than a freshly made baked good. According to Forbes Magazine, 100 million viewers are set to watch the Super Bowl next Sunday. This local cupcakery may not be able to purchase a $2.5 million ad for those viewers to see but with a close game forecasted, Hello Cupcake hopes to sell a lot of cupcakes.

SuperBowl cupcakes feature custom designed emblems mimicking the team logos. “We love to engage our customers in all aspects of our business… from our new cupcake design series, to the fun pick-up line blog ( and now with promotions like this, our customers get to share a little bit of their personality with us.” says owner Penny Karas.

Just in time for party planning, Hello Cupcake is accepting pre-orders via email or phone. SuperBowl cupcakes will be available to purchase individually or by the dozen starting Monday, February 1. Each cupcake purchase equals one point towards your team of choice.

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