Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's Time to be 'Wise About Weight' for the Holidays

We all love the holidays, especially the eating. While it's easy to get carried away with the cookies or reach for another helping of mashed potatoes, it is important to maintain awareness of what we eat.

Did you know the size of a standard dinner plate in the 1950s was 9-10 inches? Care to take a guess what it is now? Twelve to fourteen inches! Without even realizing it, we are eating more food at home than ever before. Whether you're planning a holiday feast of your own or visiting family and friends, there's no need to return for seconds because in reality, you've already had them.

Think you can get away with a salad? Better avoid the dressing if you truly want to eat healthy. Twenty years ago a Chicken Caesar Salad was 390 calories. Today, it's 790 calories. Yikes! You'd be better off having a doughnut.

While it is highly unlikely anyone can avoid their favorite foods around the holidays, maintaining exercise is a smart way to remain in control of your lifestyle.

Need help staying in shape or getting there? Contact Justine Moore of Results Gym and consider the Wise About Weight program. By creating a support group and an individualized eating and exercise program, Wise About Weight may be just what you need to combat the holiday binge.

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