Saturday, November 3, 2012

Slow Sippin': Craft Distillers

Craft Distillers generously sent a couple of fine spirits for us to try recently, and they were both excellent products.  First, the Fluid Dynamics Brandy Manhattan is a Germain-Robin varietal brandy with a  rich fruity taste, blended with Andy Quady’s fabulous California sweet vermouth.  The vermouth  cuts the burning sensation that straight brandy brings to the throat and makes this a very interesting, very pleasing after-dinner drink.  I like mine best on ice.

Craft Distillers’ Los Nahuales Mezcal is distilled at the Déstileria Los Danzantes in Santiago Matatlan, the world capital of mezcal, south of Oaxaca city.  It is smoky and more complex than most tequilas.  If you are unfamiliar with mezcal, a crude analogy is that if tequila were bourbon, mezcal would be scotch.  It is fast gaining popularity across the States, and the Los Nahuales is a great place to start if you are interested in exploring the wonderful world of mezcal. 

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