Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Taste of the Holidays at Copper Canyon Grill

By Lauren Rosalanko

I recently got a taste of the holidays to get me in the spirit for Thanksgiving coming up next week! Copper Canyon Grill offers a holiday menu that is sure to satisfy, with all of the classics and some unique dishes.

We had a full menu, starting with a house salad and a side of their classic cornbread. If you head to Copper Canyon Grill you cannot pass up their cornbread! It has just enough spice and flavor, but not too much to set your mouth on fire. It is very moist and acts as a great side or also serves well as croutons in the salad.

Next up was the main turkey dish, complete with gravy, a side of garlic mashed potatoes, and peppered green beans. The turkey was perfectly tender and I was pleased with the flavor. Mashed potatoes are one of my favorite side dishes and I loved the buttery and peppered flavor. They were plenty rich, just the way I like them. The green beans were mixed with onions and red papers which was a nice vegetable medley to complement the potatoes and the turkey. In addition, some of the other sides offered include cornbread stuffing. With actual pieces of corn and a sweet flavor the stuffing is a unique twist on a classic Thanksgiving dish, I like that Copper Canyon Grill incorporates their signature foods into the holiday menu.

Not only did I get into the holiday spirit, but I also slipped into a food coma.  I felt just as full as I do after Thanksgiving dinner, but wait, we still had dessert! I don't know if words can describe how great the pumpkin cheesecake tasted. The crunchy crust was floating in a caramel sauce and the cake was topped with flavorful, homemade whipped cream.  I couldn't bring myself to finish the dessert but at least I could bring it home to finish it the next evening for dessert. To top it all off the hospitality at Copper Canyon Grill was exceptional! From when you walk in the door you are quickly greeted by the hostesses and the waiters were attentive, knowledgeable and friendly. Not only would I recommend going to Copper Canyon Grill for their holiday menu, but their normal lunch, dinner and brunch menus look exceptional as well!

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