Thursday, January 15, 2015

On the Road Again: New Orleans

Talk about a food city... Nawlins!  

Pretty much everything I stuck into my mouth in that city was delicious.  Thanks to Chowzter, E and I went on a food tour of New Orleans.  
Down in the Treme with me and my Baby!
We checked into the Hyatt Regency and got ready for some serious eating.  
First stop, drinks at The Carousel Bar.  I got down to business with a French 75.  
Then, onto oysters and Champagne at Antoine's.  

Next, we were wined and dined at Brennan's Restaurant.  I loved the Bananas Foster and the Manchego Oysters.  So stuffed!
Fun seeing old friends from law school.
Woke up the next morning a little hung over and hit up the breakfast buffet at 8 Block Kitchen Bar in the Hyatt.  I was pleasantly surprised with the chocolate bread pudding and biscuits and gravy.  Good stuff!  
I ate way too much and headed out to Domilise's for my first po'boy.  I really liked tasty sauce on their fried shrimp sandwich.  After getting fat on roast beef and fried oysters, we made our way to Parkway's.  I have to say I thought their po'boys were overall better.  I especially liked the alligator sausage and fried pickles.  
Alligator Sausage Po'Boy
At that point, you would have thought I'd take a break from eating for a while, but with only 48 hours in NOLA, there was still more I had to eat.  
I met my friend Beau and he took me to his favorite fried chicken spot.  You know something is good when you're that stuffed and you still make room for more fried food.  Willie Mae's makes some of the best fried chicken I've ever tasted.  Try ordering it with the butter beans.  
With 1 hour to get ready for the Chowzter Awards, I hurried back to the Hyatt to throw on my dress.  We headed off to Commander's Palace to celebrate the best food in North America.  This classic spot is a must visit in NOLA.  Don't skip the turtle soup, Caesar salad and bread pudding souffle.  
Turtle Soup
Even with all of that indulging, there is still so much more to taste.  I'll be back again in March.  Tell me what I missed and I'll try my best to check it out.

Thank you so much to Chowzter for giving us a taste of New Orleans!
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