Monday, March 2, 2015

Deal: Guarapo Lounge

By Lauren Rosalanko

Guarapo Lounge is part of the Latin Concepts restaurant group by Mauricio Fraga-Rosenfeld. It is located in the Clarendon neighborhood of Arlington, VA close to the Courthouse metro stop. Guarapo Lounge is now featuring a new special each night of the week!

Monday starts the week off with $1 tacos. Their options include beef, chicken, fish and pork. I sampled the fish tacos, which were served with a savory smoked chipotle sauce. Also, sometimes $1 taco nights feature small tacos, but these are sizable and filling. You will definitely get a great value!

Tuesday night features half-priced bottles of wine, followed by Wednesday's $1 empanadas! Their empanadas also offer a great variety, with options for beef, chicken, chorizo, spinach or cheese. I tasted the cheese empanada and I loved that they were a little different than typical empanadas, featuring mozzarella cheese, onion and achiote for a strong flavor.

Thursday's special is $1 wings. I was able to try their classic BBQ flavor, as well as their sriracha wings. I love that sriracha is becoming even more popular and getting added to more unique items like wings. The sriracha was not overpowering, so don't worry your mouth won't be on fire after eating a few. In addition the to the specials, we were able to try the plantain chips with guacamole, which I would highly recommend to share before ordering the specials. The plantain chips are light and not salty, which complements the bold flavors in the guacamole.


In addition to these great menus Guarapo Lounge has live music and DJs Thursday through Saturday, so stop by for dinner and feel free to stay and drink as it turns into a lounge. While I liked everything I tried the tacos were my favorite with their sauces and wide variety of options. I'll definitely be returning to Guarapo for their Monday special!

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