Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Menu ReVamp: Grill Room

By Lauren Rosalanko

The Capella Hotel in Georgetown has revamped their restaurant, The Grill Room, over the past few months with the introduction of Chef Frank Ruta and Pastry Chef Aggie Chin. I had the opportunity to try their newest menu addition, a burger, just in time for the spring and summer season.

I sampled the Mortadella Burger, which I highly recommend. It was complete with Angus beef, The Grill Room's signature bun, mayonnaise, griddled mortadella, Onion jam and finally a truffle cheese. Truffle flavoring always adds an extra burst of flavor and it completed the burger. Tempranillo wine was offered, complementing all of the burger options. A crowd favorite was the Duck Egg Burger with a fried egg and mushroom condiment that also featured the truffle cheese. If you are looking for a more classic version, the Grill Room Burger features the Angus beef patty with the truffle cheese and mayonnaise. Either way you cannot go wrong with these fantastic options.

A trip to The Grill Room could not be complete without trying something straight from Aggie Chin's unique pastry repertoire. To continue with the burger theme she created a Burger Macaron. The Macaron featured a chocolate ganache patty and white chocolate cheese, in addition to being an exact replica to a cheeseburger. Burgers are the perfect summer treat and I would recommend trying one of The Grill Room's options next time you are in Georgetown!

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