Thursday, April 23, 2015

On the Road Again: Middleburg

Just a little over an hour outside of DC, The Salamander Resort sits on 340 acres in the quaint historic town of Middleburg.
We headed out on a beautiful weekend and started out at the Middleburg Spring Races.  
Horses are popular out there and it is lots of fun to watch them race.

After the races, we checked out Greenhill Winery.  It is a lovely place to sip.
You can't leave without dining at Harrimans Restaurant.  The spring menu is delicious.  
I especially loved the halibut.  The Cornish game hen was awesome.  
The pasta is extremely delicate.
The resort offers many leisure activities around the property. You can ride horses down at the equestrian center. The spa has tons of different treatments to choose from. I've tried a massage and Get Waisted treatment.  Both were really nice.  It is such a relaxing spot to get away from it all.
Don't leave town without stopping by Market Salamander.  They do catering and have a tasty lunch menu.
A weekend at The Salamander is well worth the drive.  I feel refreshed and blessed!  Hope you check it out soon!
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