Monday, May 25, 2015

Celebrating Spring at Café Dupont

By: Laurie Wallin
Capital Cooking Contributor

You know it is spring in DC when it is 60 degrees one day and 85 the next! Café Dupont has sailed right into spring with their seasonal cocktail menu and spring-inspired bites prepared by Executive Chef David Fritsche.

The first sip, Nice is Nice, a cocktail made with Lillet Blanc, Lemoncello, raspberry simple syrup, and lemon juice, was one of those that “went straight down.” A refreshing and slightly sweet drink, I could see myself sipping a number of these on a hot summer afternoon while dining alfresco. 

Hemingway’s Fury was the complete opposite – savory as opposed to sweet, but the combination of ingredients was incredibly creative. Made with Tanteo Tequila, Bacardi Superior, fresh lime & grapefruit juices, Luxardo, simple syrup, and featuring a Cayenne Pepper(!) and raw sugar rim, this cocktail is meant to be sipped slowly in order to enjoy the full spectrum of sour and spicy flavors. 

Chef Fritsche’s bites nicely accompanied the cocktails. Beginning with an asparagus salad featuring white & green asparagus with prosciutto and continuing with a creamy and smooth green pea soup, these bites were tasty and continued the spring-like theme of the evening.

The Drunken Sunkist cocktail featured Jim Beam, Aperol, Triple Sec, OJ, and soda water – it reminded me of a creamsicle with a “bite” (thanks to the Aperol).

Chef Fritsche’s green pea risotto, chickpea risotto with duck and the suckling pig bites were a nice, sweet and creamy accompaniment to the Drunken Sunkist.

My favorite cocktail of the evening was the BB & TT, made with Tanqueray Gin, a handful of blueberries, basil leaves, lime wedges, and simple syrup. The fruit was muddled and then the spirits added to create a sweet and savory cocktail that was incredibly refreshing.

These cocktails and bites were a great introduction to Café Dupont’s new menus, and I’d be interested in exploring more of the menu. Cheers to Spring!

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