Monday, May 18, 2015

Menu Re-vamp: Circa

By Lauren Rosalanko

Circa Dupont has a new spring menu, with additional Rx Cocktails and fresh new salads, appetizers and main courses. The Rx Cocktails include four new beverages on the menu the Cure-All was a great light beverage to start with. It features Reyka vodka, Domaine Canton, coconut water syrup, and lime. It is as refreshing as it sounds and will be a great choice for a summer beverage, especially if you enjoy it on a hot day and need to cool off. Another featured prescription cocktail is the Matcha Matcha Man, with gin, a hint of chartruse, ginger-honey syrup, Meyer lemon juice and Matcha green tea. This cocktail was also refreshing. All of the Rx Cocktails are a light option for the hot summer days that are coming up in DC.

A few new salads were also added to the menu including a Panzanella Salad and Quinoa Arugula Salad. I loved the quinoa paired with the arugula. It also featured carrots, red onions asparagus, goat cheese and mint. The seared scallops were my favorite entree, especially since it was plated with a wild mushroom and goat cheese risotto and surrounded by basil oil and saba dressing. The scallops were perfect, with a light seasoning. The risotto was rich and creamy, which is an ideal side served with a light seafood such as scallops. Another great option if you prefer meat is the Brick Chicken. The chicken was juicy and served in a marinade. Below the chicken was a bed of spring potato salad, grilled broccolini and a lemon herb jus.

Overall, these new menu options make great additions, especially for the spring and summer months. While I tried this new menu at the Circa Dupont Circle location it will also be available at the Foggy Bottom and Clarendon, VA location as well.
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