Sunday, August 21, 2016

Zodiac Summer

This summer I have been exploring new, refreshing drinks to beat the brutal DC heat.

I've done my fair share of mint-muddled mashups and lavender-infused aperitifs.  But I've also found a drink that requires no mixing at all and that is really pleasant and refreshing on the rocks.  It is a relatively new label called Zodiac Black Cherry vodka.  At first my husband was skeptical, not being a fan of flavored vodkas, which can often drift into the too-sweet or artificial-tasting realms.  But the Zodiac Black Cherry has become a favorite after-dinner drink to share on the porch after a big meal. It soothes the stomach and has just the right hint of summertime favorite black cherry to delight the palate.  I highly recommend it for anyone who is into good vodka and great summertime conversation! 

Zodiac Vodka is an all-natural, true craft spirit. It employs a Single Source Distillation® method, as the potatoes are regionally sourced and the entire distillation and bottling process occurs at the company’s Rigby, Idaho-based distillery.  The water for Zodiac is drawn from the Snake River Aquifer which runs beneath the distillery.  The product is produced using 4-column fractional distillation and is filtered using hand-cut Canadian Birch Charcoal.  Zodiac is distilled once - by design, allowing the vodka to retain a naturally sweet, distinctive taste. Zodiac is produced from non-GMO ingredients and as a 100% potato vodka, is gluten-free.

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