Saturday, February 3, 2018

Thinking of Drinking: Buy A Lady A Drink

Recently, the Belgian Ambassador Dirk Wouters invited guests into his residence on Foxhall Road to celebrate Stella Artois' Buy a Lady A Drink campaign. The event was hosted by and Capital Eagle Distributing.

Stella Artois has a global partnership with, a charity organization that helps to give access to clean, safe water and sanitation to women in developing countries. According to, 663 million people lack access to clean water, 2.4 billion people lack access to improved sanitation, and 1 million people are killed by water-related diseases each year. So far, has reached six million people in providing clean water, which allows them to spend their time planning for a future instead of spending time gathering water.

To help with the water crisis, Stella Artois is helping by selling three different limited edition chalices. Each limited edition chalice provides five years of clean water for a person in a developing country. The three different chalices are inspired by Cambodian, Ugandan, and Brazilian designs.

Guests at the beautiful reception enjoyed light bites and glasses of Stella cider and beer while listening to speeches from Ambassador Wouters,'s head of brand partnerships Julie LaGuardia, and Capital Eagle President Neal Katcef.

After a short video made by the founder Matt Damon about, guests were led outside to enjoy the beautiful weather, ice cold drinks and stunning backyard. When the event was over, the Ambassador gave each guest a limited edition chalice and encouraged the attendees to complete the collection to help solve the water crisis and change a life.

Want to help end the water crisis? To buy your own limited edition chalice, go to: Buy A Lady A Drink

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