Wednesday, April 17, 2019

A Few Of My Favorite Things: Seasonal Roots Online Farmer’s Market

Who doesn’t love farmers markets? I love getting the freshest ingredients, buying local, helping the agri-business community, and knowing that what I am eating was farmed sustainably. However, living in the city and juggling multiple jobs means a lot of the time I end up picking up some OK groceries at the Giant down the street. Ugh…

However! Seasonal Roots has helped change this! Seasonal Roots is a very unique farmers market. Seasonal Roots online farmers market began connecting Virginia families to local farmers in 2011 to help us all eat better and live better – and now they are delivering in the Chevy Chase, Bethesda, North Bethesda, Rockville, Potomac, and Silver Spring areas!

Seasonal Roots supports local family farmers and artisans who use sustainable practices that are less about short-term profit and more about preserving the land and the environment for future generations. The farmers they partner with grow the most flavorful, nutritious produce and humanely raise happy, healthy animals for meat, eggs, and dairy. Yum! :)

A few reasons why sustainable practices are so important:

The food is more nutritious!

It’s safer for the environment!

The animals are happier :)

The community is healthier!

Their farmers are able to pick at the peak of ripeness and then Seasonal Roots #Veggiefairies home-delivers your produce within a couple days of harvest -- #DirttoDoorstep! Seasonal Roots strives to empower their members to eat better and live better with more nutritious, flavorful food that’s good for us and good for the planet. How awesome is that?

So, how does it work?

Members order online on the weekends and orders are home-delivered once a week.

Step 1. Login & choose your basket

Each basket comes pre-filled with seasonal produce:

•Easy Basket = 5 choices
•Family Basket = 8 choices
•Veggie Lover Basket = 11 choices

Step 2. Customize your basket

You can either swap out the pre-filled items or create a custom basket from scratch.

Step 3. Premium items

Milk, eggs, bread, butter or cheese, meat, and more are available as Premium basket items that you can swap in for an additional charge OR you can add premium items as ‘Extras’ — the choice is yours!

Step 4. Use our promo code

This is our veggie fairy code!! Enter it in the box at the bottom of the order page and click “Apply”. JORDANCCS is good for half off membership till April 30th so new members join for only $25.

Check these amazing Veggie Fairies out! You will love having delicious, local, seasonal baskets delivered right to your doorstep. For more information, go to:
Seasonal Roots

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