Monday, September 29, 2008

Supper in New York

I went to New York for my birthday on Friday and we went out to dinner at Supper. Supper has a really fun and lively atmosphere. We went to dinner around 10 pm and it was still packed. There is a nice wine bar next door. Nicole told the waiter it was my birthday so they brought me a piece of cake and everyone in the back room sang "Happy Birthday." The food was good, I tried the Seafood Risotto...yum! We always have to best time in New York. I've gone there for my birthday the past 3 years.
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After Supper, we headed to Apotheke. The bar itself was inspired by French apothecaries (cork-lidded, tincture-filled jars, herbs marinating in absinthe, a wall-large apothecary glyph), while the overall effect's Medieval/Victorian-plush, with touches like upholstered walls, tile-inlaid wood floors. They don't have any soda or typical juices. They infuse their own liquors. The birthday shot of absinthe hurts the next day. We had fun at the bar, but it is pricey ($15 for every drink). We were surrounded by Brits...apparently Leo had a birthday too and reserved most of the bar. There was a line and people were going to the door with "prescriptions" to get in. 9 Doyers St., New York NY 10013
Overall, I had an awesome birthday.

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