Sunday, November 2, 2008


Photo by Shauna Alexander
The Food Blogger Challenge: Comfort Food episode was filmed today (#15). We really had a great time and had excellent judging and super contestants. Wow... from 1:30-9p.m. we were setting up, filming and taking all of the equipment down. I'm wiped out... We got up early to finish the unpacking and hanging art and photos on our walls. Yesterday I spent the day creating my chicken pot pie recipe. Can't wait to wake up early tomorrow morning to be a lawyer.

All of the challengers put a unique twist on their recipes. Special thanks to David Crosson, Reggie Marston, Shauna Alexander and Corey Then for being a fantastic crew!!! Also, thank you to our sponsors: Fresh Farm Markets, Urbana, Johnna Knows Good Food J.D. Gourmet and Vinoteca. After all of the planning for production, the finish product is always so rewarding. I love every minute of it. I've learned patience along the way and in the end I'm always left satisfied. I can't wait for you guys to see the episode and to see the new Capital Cooking set. If you are a food blogger and are interested in being on our next challenge this spring, email me at

Hope to meet some of the viewers and readers this weekend at the Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show. Stop by Booth 404 to say hi!

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