Saturday, November 1, 2008

Only one day before filming Food Bloggers Challenge...

Still waiting for the groceries so I can practice the recipe I've developed for my chicken pot pie recipe. I have a few things in mind, but we'll see what works best. The challengers are ready and the judges are too.

Last night we went to dinner at Creme on U Street in our new neighborhood. We are still exploring the area since we've only lived here since last Wednesday. The food was good and we didn't have any wait at all (maybe because it was Halloween or maybe the economy). The restaurant is quite small, holding maybe 50 people at most. We sat in the window and watched all of the funny costumes go by. I asked to talk to the chef and to my surprise they said that they currently didn't have a chef. Huh!? They said that they're looking for one, but their past chef left. Creme has a nice atmosphere (very similar to Utah Bistro down the street). It is comfort food style, but there was no chicken pot pie on menu. Corey tried the shrimp and grits and I tried Oprah's Tomato salad. Both were quite tasty, but nothing to write home about. They are in the process of redoing the menu and wine list so we'll have to try it again soon.

Creme Cafe and Lounge
{1322 U Street NW, Washington, DC, 202.234.1884}

Creme on Urbanspoon

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