Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Greek Eats: Deep Blue in Milos

We rented a dune buggy and went beach hopping in Milos. It is almost like having an island all to ourselves. The high season there doesn't really begin until July or August. We've been carried away with the beautiful scenery that sometimes we forget to eat lunch until about 4 pm. When we made our way to the beautiful beach of Paliohora we got a bite to eat at Deep Blue. It has a spectacular view and plays American music but with Greek versions. It gets annoying after a while because the original songs are always better. I got the Greek Salad and my husband got the salad of Crete with the barley husk. The salads in Greece do not have lettuce. The Greek salad is simply tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and feta. Quite tasty the first time but I miss some of the variety of choices on menus that we have back home. We are in Sifnos now which is known for the food so hopefully we'll be impressed.

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