Thursday, March 18, 2010

Meet Chef Sunil Kiriwane of Qatar

How did you become an Embassy Chef?
While I was working at Jeddah Hilton (K.S.A) hotel, I learned the State of Qatar had a vacancy a chef. I thought better take more responsibility in myself and become an Embassy chef, so I took the chance. The ambassador was grateful to me and I was selected as an Embassy chef. In Rome at the Qatar Embassy I felt it was so diffrent than the hotel trade but I took the challenge and now I am doing my job successfully.

Where did you train?
I was trained by my mother, while she cooked I helped to her when I could. I always had home made food. After high school I joined the National Apprentice and Industrial Traning Authority (N.A.B) in 1997 and stayed for three years period. I successfully completed the program and graduated in Sri Lanka. My first job was at the Susse hotel (3 star) and I worked there around 1 year. Then I joined the Galadari hotel (5 star) and stayed until the end of 2003. Later I joined the Hilton hotel and worked there another year. Since the end of 2004 I continued my career with Qatar Embassy. It was very helpful to me and increased my skill.

What is your favorite dish to make?
Another difficult question but I love to cook roasted baby lamb and I would have to say I also like to make fast food.

What was the most difficult part of the March 7th Challenge?
It was lottery system for who would cook first, I had a number one. I was little nervous when I saw the lot of secret ingredients. How I use many of ingredients from them and choose many things to prepare my salmon dish. I think, it was most deficult part of 7th challenge.

Why do you think you made the winning dish?
My first priority was to participate in the chef challenge. Also, I was satisfied that I used the main ingredients and created a fabulous dish. I am happy with my dish.

What is your favorite restaurant in DC?
La Madeline is my favorite restaurant; I like their French Onion soup .