Friday, March 12, 2010

Meet Embassy Chef Martin Johansson from Sweden

Martin Johansson is a judge for the Embassy Chef Challenge, taking place on March 18th.

How did you become an Embassy Chef?

I was on right place at the right time, I was recommended from a famous chef in my hometown Gothenburg.

Where did you train?

I went to restaurant school in a small town named Varberg also where I grew up. After that I have been working in many good restaurants in Gothenburg. In 2000 I started working at a top restaurant in Gothenburg, Kungtorget. Five years later, I became the executive chef at Wasa Allé, also in Gothenburg, and helped it become another successful restaurant.

What is your favorite dish to make?

I like to cook Swedish food in a Italian way, not overdo it use good ingredients with a small touch. I also love to make beautiful cakes for wedding and other big moments. When I began my career as a chef, I had an interest for desserts and even won the Chocolate Dessert of the Year.

What is your favorite restaurant in DC?

I had a really nice dinner at Citizen at Mandarin Oriental Hotel I also love my neighbor 2amys an Italian place in Cleveland park.

How did you come up with the ingredients for the competition?

I wanted to use typical Swedish ingredients typical for this season. We also wanted people to recognize it so everyone could have a chance, I think that everyone knows salmon.

How did you come up with the judging requirements?

I based the whole competition on the Swedish championship for chefs and tried to make it as professional as I could.

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