Friday, March 5, 2010

Ping Pong

Washington, D.C. is undervalued. A city that is characterized for its politics, monuments, and lobbyists, it often pales in comparison to the bright lights of New York or the celebrity of Los Angeles. With large media outlets, such as MTV, displaying an interest in the city and a host of new restaurants emerging, there is hope for D.C. to move beyond its stereotype and secure its cultural presence.

Ping Pong, a dim sum restaurant in Chinatown, is helping with this effort. Originating in London and spreading to Dubai and Brazil, Ping Pong has set its sights on the United States. According to Myca Ferrer, manager of Ping Pong, the owners chose Washington, D.C. as its next location because of the opportunities the city presented. Unlike New York, D.C. does not have a large Chinatown district, therefore, Ping Pong established itself without the concerns of competing in an over saturated market. This has certainly paid off, as Ferrer reports the sales are above average for a new restaurant.

Despite the location, the owners of Ping Pong also appreciated the international vibe of D.C. With its inhabitants ranging from California to China, it appeared these District Columbians could embrace dim sum. Even if dim sum, meaning “to touch the heart” due to its small portions, is a new experience for the diner, Ferrer assures they will not be left out. With a friendly staff and menu options such as honey-glazed ribs, there is something for everyone.

If you are feeling a little more adventurous, try the vegetable buns and chicken puffs. There is no better way to get your daily serving of vegetables than wrapped up in a white, sweet bun. The chicken puff is similar to a croissant and just as buttery and flaky; they are so delicious that you will not want to share.

With two more locations in D.C. scheduled to open by the end of 2010, Ping Pong is aggressively revolutionizing dining in the district. Not wanting to exclude others from enjoying “little steamed parcels of deliciousness,” expect to see Ping Pong opening in Boston and Los Angeles in the near future.

Ping Pong is located at:

900 7th St NW

Washington, DC 20001

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