Friday, November 11, 2011

Icelandic Thanksgiving

This week Ambassador Gudmundur Arni Stefansson hosted an Icelandic Thanksgiving at his beautiful residence in Kalorama to thank all of the supporters of the annual Food and Fun Festival.  
Clam Chowder by Ris
Sliders from District Commons

Buben's Deviled Eggs

Sushi by Kaz

At the reception, Capital Cooking with Lauren DeSantis previewed the Icelandic Adventure TV episode filmed at  the last Food and Fun festival, airing this month on PBS WETA Create Channel. 
Black Death
Celebrity Chefs in the Washington area, who have all participated in the Food and Fun festival, offered a selection of gourmet food from Iceland and around the world, including:  Ris Lacoste, Robert Wiedmaier, Paul Stearman, Kaz Okochi, Jeff Buben.  
Brittany Garrison, Me
National Geographic Travel Magazine has named Food and Fun as one the world´s best food festivals.  
Food and Fun's next festival will be held in February 22- 27 2012.
Me and Adrianne Adelantar, Butler to the Embassy of Finland
Chef Siggi's delicious Icelandic Lamb

Photos by Emily Clack
Ambassador Stefansson, Donna Shor, Corey Then, Me, Siggi Hall, Mrs. Karlsdottir, Chef Kaz


Michael said...

Thanksgiving festival is sharing their love and emotions between families and friends. Thanksgiving food festival is encouraging to cook variety of recipes and share those recipes among the family members. In Icelandic festival hot items were suitable.

Capital Cooking said...

Thank you!