Monday, November 14, 2011

Thanksgiving Recipe: Pecan and Cranberry Tarts

Mallory Staley,  the pastry chef of 1789, shared this amazing dessert recipe.  Can't wait to try it!
Vanilla tart dough:
1 # butter, softened
6oz  10x (confectioners sugar)
1 Vanilla Bean
1 # 4 oz. AP Flour
½  T salt
¼  t baking powder

Cream butter and sugar with paddle on the stand of an electric mixer, add bean and dry ingredients. Roll out on a floured surface and place in tart shells

Pecan Cranberry Custard:
1 # light brown sugar
4 oz. unsalted butter, melted
½ tsp salt
5 whole eggs
14 oz. light corn syrup
1 ½ # pecan pieces
2 cups whole cranberries (fresh or frozen, not dry)

Place the sugar, corn syrup, eggs, salt and vanilla into a bowl. Whisk together until combined. Add in the melted butter, whisking constantly until butter is incorporated. Stir in cranberries and pecans. Scoop out into the tart shells from above. Bake at 325 degrees until golden brown and set, aprox. 12-16 minutes.

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