Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Eat With Your Eyes: Lechon Asado Vermicelli

Is your mouth watering?  You can find this Lechon Asado Vermicelli at Zengo now until end of June.  The Zengo Test Kitchen is featuring a special menu with dishes from Hanoi-Havana. This classic Vietnamese dish is harmonious with tender roasted pork shoulder and sour-orange garlic mojo.  Delicious!

Test Kitchen: Hanoi-Havana offers six plates highlighting the affinities between Vietnamese and Cuban cuisine. You'll also find lettuce wraps, a familiar Vietnamese dish, filled with soft shell crab and shrimp, and drizzled with Kaffir lime aioli in the Cangrejo Enchilado. A dish originating in the North Vietnam region, Cha Ca Thang Long, features a whole catfish with rice noodles, shiso, and black bean chile sauce. Lemongrass Arroz con Pollo is seasoned with sofrito, a complex flavor combination of Cuba, and is served with coconut rice and garlic chips. For a sweet ending, enjoy Hanoi Pandan Waffles flavored with the traditional Vietnamese herb, pandan, and topped with coconut ice cream, lemongrass whip, and strawberry-guava coulis.  This one is so good that I think it is staying on the permanent menu.

In addition to the food, Zengo is offering some fun cocktails to compliment the meal.  Aguardiente, a rare Cuban spirit flavored with sugarcane and anise, is featured in the Boba Cafecito, prepared with iced Cuban coffee, coconut milk, and tapioca pearls. The daiquiri, a staple of Cuba’s cocktail culture, is enhanced with dark Cuban rum, lime & fresh cherries marinated in dark rum in the Cereza Daiquiri. The Lemongrass-Lychee Mojito, full of refreshing Vietnamese flavors, features silver rum, lychee, mint and a Kaffir lime drizzle. 

Stop into Zengo before June to give the menu a taste!

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