Monday, April 22, 2013

Menu Revamp: Brixton

By the time the Brixton celebrates its one year anniversary this July, Chef Jorge Pimentel hopes the Brixton will be known not simply as a British pub, but more as a place to tour international cuisine, offering tastes of "street" food from around the world. Though the Brixton plans to always stay true to its British roots, the Brixton also wants to better reflect the unique and diverse culture here in Washington D.C. by offering menu items with global inspiration. Brixton's new menu draws from African, Indian and Tunisian influences, among other cultures.  We were recently invited to sample some of this "street" food alongside a selection of specialty cocktails. 

The night started off with a sampling of African Yams. I wish more places offered yams as a side dish in replace of french fries, or even sweet potato fries.

The Black Lentil Curry, made with saffron rice and coconut cream, was probably the heaviest dish we sampled. I definitely could have finished the entire pan, but prevented myself from doing so, as I didn't want to become full after the second dish.

The Pork Buns served on a banana leaf were topped with a sweet BBQ sauce.

Shrimp Gyoza, served with a Ponzu Sauce

The miso glazed grilled black cod was silky and sweet, and the pickled European cucumber and sesame seeds added a nice crispness to the dish.

The seafood we were offered were the standouts at our table. In addition to the black cod, we were also offered a taste of a Red Snapper, topped with chimichurri sauce and served with a a side of eggplant.

After first sampling menu items that primarily had a sweeter taste (but nothing too sweet) the Smoked Jamaican Jerk Chicken, served with grilled plantains, rice and sriracha ketchup, added a welcome spiciness to the tasting.

The Seafood Curry Laksa was another standout seafood dish, though it was actually the vermicelli noodles that were the star of this dish, as my table swiftly uncovered all the noodles from underneath the clams, mussels, and shrimp.

In addition to nine different dishes, we were also able to sample five different specialty cocktails.  

I knew the Pepper's Popper was going to be my favorite based off the name alone, as I strongly believe that pepper makes everything better.

No one else at my table was really a fan of the drink made of Thai coconut milk, vodka, lime juice syrup and ginger beer due to its inclusion of coconut milk, but I found the cocktail refreshing and extremely easy to drink. 

Other cocktails we tried included mixes of gin, strawberry, cardamom syrup, cardamom bitters, and angostura bitters and green tea, dry vermouth, st. germain, boston bitters and Macchu Picso. 

A sampling of mochi in vanilla, cherry, and green tea varieties brought the evening to a perfect close.

Between the curry, pork buns, jerk chicken, fresh fish of the day, and the other 3/4 of the menu we did not sample, you'll surely be able to find a menu item at the Brixton that will meet your international cravings of the day.

A complete listing of menu items can be found at
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