Thursday, April 25, 2013

Who Wants A Ramp Stamp?

Me!  Me!  If you do too, you better hurry into BLT Steak because they'll only be available for a short time.  You may have heard of the infamous Pickle Back Shot, but how about the Ramp Stamp?  First goes the Rye Whiskey and next goes the Pickled Ramp Juice.  Amazing!

For more rampy cocktails, try their Lady and the Ramp with gin, vermouth, maraschino, bitters and garnished with a, you guessed it, ramp!  This cocktail packs a punch!
What is a ramp?  Chef Jon Mathieson describes them as "Spring garlic meets baby leeks."  He has found a way to incorporate ramps into every dish of  a 4-course tasting menu (even dessert).  
My favorite dish from the Spring Ramp Tasting Menu was the Kobe Flat Iron in a Tamarind Sauce served with Ramps and Fingerling Potatoes.  
You'll also get the Pan Seared Hamachi with Grilled Ramps and a Robiolina Cheese for dessert.  Stop in soon before ramp season ends.

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