Monday, January 6, 2014

100 Challenge

I got the idea from another blog to do a 100 list. I was inspired to try to do 100 new things last year. The list can contain small things, as well as amazing experiences. Here's my list from 2013. Will you join me for the 100 Challenge in 2014? Cheers!
1. Created videos on the Vine App

2. Jumped off a bridge in Zambia

3. Got chased by a hippo

4. Ate Greek food at Kapnos

5. Slept in a room with no walls along the Zambezi River

6. Was a victim of ATM fraud :(
7. Watched the fireworks at the White House
8. Drove a convertible Camero

9. Cooked Lamb Tagine

10. Hosted at TEDTalk

11. Got named Rising Star Super Lawyer

12. Took swing dance lessons at Meridian Hill

13. Wrote an appeal winning motion

14. Went swimming at 5 a.m.
15. Sipped Clyde May’s whiskey

16. Sped through Game of Thrones

17. Learned how to use HBO Go

18. Made cocktails on Let’s Talk Live

19. Had drinks at 360 in St. Louis.

20. Got turned away from Bastille Day

21. Watched the National Symphony from the President’s Box

22. Saw a show at the Kennedy Center

23. Held my baby cousin, Evelyn

24. Prepared live lobsters

25. Attended a Jewish Seder

26. Went to the most south-western point of the African continent

27. Flew in a Micro Light

28. Attended a wedding at the Franklin Room in St. Louis, MO

29. Took an airboat ride in the Florida Everglades

30. Learned the hand boogie with Nana

31. Ate brunch at Daikaya

32. Hosted a murder mystery party

33. Stepped into Zimbabwe for a few minutes

34. Hosted a surprise party on the roof for my boss

35. Barbecued in Mount Pleasant

36. Rang in the new year in Breckenridge

37. Ate dinner at Poop Deck in the Bahamas

38. Attended witness interviews in New York

39. Went on a lamb crawl

40. Spent the day drinking at the Fairgrounds

41. Drank $500/bottle sake at Taste of Japan with Claire

42. Went to 555 Cochon inside of the Newseum

43. Learned about Sherry and Ham at Mockingbird Hill

44. Went to Boca Raton with my firm

45. Finally dined at Ruth Chris

46. Met the winemaker from Francis Ford Coppola Winery

47. Brunched at Curious Grape with Jolene

48. Had dinner at Nopa 3 times
49. I went to Puerto Rico with Corey.

50. I met Jeff and Rachel’s son, Nathan.

51. A personal chef came over and cooked for me.

52. I ate Maryland crabs with my mom at Phillips Crab Deck.

53. Drank wine in Cape Town

54. Took Natalie and Cayden to see Frozen.

55. Cooked an Ayrshire Farm Turkey for friends Thanksgiving.

56. Went to Diamond Jo’s Casino for Corey’s 15 Year Reunion.

57. Hiked in Charlottesville.
58. Visited UVA.

59. Stayed at the Boar’s Head Inn with Fritz and Claire.

60. Drank vino at Trump Winery.

61. Made partner at Polsinelli.

62. Demonstrated fall cocktail recipes on Let’s Talk Live.

63. Bowled in the White House with our best buddies.

64. Toured the West Wing with Pete, Kristen, Chad, Audra, Jessie and T-Pain.

65. Visited Chatam Vineyards in ESVA.

66. Ate dinner at Slate in Glover Park.

67. Attended the restaurant opening of Rialto in Glover Park.

68. Put an offer on a townhouse in DC.

69. Witnessed Pete and Kristen get married.

70. Purchased a zebra rug.

71. Moved offices to 1401 Eye Street, NW.

72. Hosted many of my best friends and their kids for a holiday gathering.
73. Skied Peak 10 in Breckenridge.

74. Saw Anchor Man 2.

75. Flew on Southwest Airlines to Denver.

76. Met Owen Miesner. 

77. Skied with Scott and Amber.
78. Attended the White House Christmas Party.

79. Met the President and First Lady.

80. Saw Fun in the President’s backyard. 

81. Had one of the best Italian meals in DC at Al Tiramisu.

82. Made an Africa photo book.

83. Witnessed June get married in Georgia.

84. Spoke at the Construction Super Conference in San Francisco.

85. Partied with my cousin Paul in Florida.

86. Visited Princeton.

87. Snorkeled in the Bahamas.

88. Ate dinner at Standard with my cousin Jessie.

89. Dined at Olio with St. Louis friends.

90. Took Natalie for her first pedicure.
91. Shot a gun at the shooting range in Iowa.

92. Ate a giant Puerto Rican Avocado.

93. Visited Vintage Ridge vineyard with Claire.

94. Sang the night away in a karaoke room in NYC.

95. Went to the Italian Embassy.

96. Partied at the Denmark Ambassador’s Residence.

97. Dined at Domku.

98. Went to an Ugly Sweater Party.

99. Ate sushi at Mountain Flying Fish in Breckenridge, CO.

100. Created a 100 List.

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