Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Opening: Alfa Piehouse

Alfa Piehouse brings traditional Greek cuisine and specialties to Washington D.C this summer with the launch of its first-ever café, located at 1750 H Street NW. Made of organic Greek ingredients, the 21-seat Piehouse offers a variety of savory and sweet Greek pies (or pastries), healthy salads, delicious sandwiches, a Greek yogurt bar, desserts and coffee, and even vegetarian and vegan/non-dairy options, ideal for any occasion or time of day, including breakfast, lunch, or for a snack.

Alfa Piehouse was born of a collaboration between Alfa, Greece’s leading pastry maker, and Argiro Barbarigou, Greece’s top celebrity chef, restaurateur, and award-winning cookbook author. Both pride themselves on the integrity and quality of traditional Greek cooking, and their desire to share this with the world. 

BREAKFAST offers a range of items including:
- Traditional Feta Cheese Pie ($6.50) made with thin fyllo layers stuffed with authentic Greek feta cheese with Kalamata extra virgin olive oil;
Alfa Café American Breakfast ($6.75) served with puff pastry, free-range eggs, bacon, Gruyere cheese and chives;
Bougatsa Pie Vegetarian - Non Diary ($6.75) made with custard, crunchy fyllo layers, sprinkled with powdered sugar and cinnamon;
- The must-try Greek iced coffee, espresso or cappuccino Freddo ($3.25 and up), whips the coffee to a frothy perfection.

For LUNCH or SNACK, guests can choose from the full menu of pies, salads and sandwiches. Examples include:
The uber-healthy Superfood Salad ($10.95) made with mixed spring leaves, avocado, with flax seeds, pomegranate, orange filets, quinoa, wild rice, barley, almonds, black beans, beluga lentils in citrus vinaigrette, and extra virgin Kalamata olive oil;
The unique spiral-shaped Kihi Pies – ($6.75 and up) stuffed with authentic Greek feta cheese and a choice of spinach or Kalamata olive paste and Kalamata extra virgin olive oil, this is the traditional pie of Kozani where Alfa is located;
Traditional Country Spinach Pie ($6.50)made with spinach, wild greens, herbs, authentic Greek feta cheese with Kalamata extra virgin olive oil;
- The non-dairy Crete Pie Vegetarian ($6.50), a Double Roll with thin crunchy fyllo, stuffed with a selection of leeks, wild greens and herbs with Kalamata extra virgin olive oil;
Manouri Koulouri Sandwich ($7.25), Spiral shaped Greek sesame encrusted bread, brushed with extra virgin olive oil and stuffed with grilled vegetables, Santorini dried tomatoes, manouri cheese, basil and mint sauce. 

Classic Baklava ($6.00) with pistachios, walnuts and crispy, syrup thin in fyllo layers;
Non-Dairy Double Pumpkin Roll ($5.25) made with pumpkin custard and crispy fyllo sprinkled with cinnamon sugar;
Chocolate Cake ($4.95) made with chocolate, Kalamata extra virgin olive oil and hazelnuts drizzled with chocolate honey glaze.

Alfa Piehouse is located at 1750 H Street NW Washington, DC, 20006, and is open Monday through Friday from 6am – 6pm. For more information, visit us on Facebook: and Twitter: @alfaPiehouse, or call 202-846-7122. Alfa Piehouse website coming soon. 

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