Friday, July 10, 2015

Thinking of Drinking: Fresh Watermelon Crush

I'm obsessed with watermelon. Cool off this summer with Legal Sea Foods' Fresh Watermelon Crush cocktail.


2 oz. Russian Standard Original Vodka

1 oz. Simple Syrup

Diced Watermelon pieces

Required Tools

· Ice Scoop

· Boston Shaker (metal shaker tin)

· 16 oz shaker glass

· Hawthorne strainer

· 1 over 1/2 oz jigger

· Martini Glass

· Fruit pick

Preparation method

1. Cut a fresh watermelon into approximately 1 inch cubes and refrigerate.

2. Using a 1 over 1/2 ounce jigger, measure out the first 2 ingredients into a shaker glass.

3. Fill the shaker glass 3/4 full with diced watermelon pieces, leaving room in the glass for ice.

4. Add ice into the shaker glass, filling the glass completely.

5. Top the shaker glass with a Boston metal tin shaker and shake hard. The watermelon pieces will need a long shake time to completely break down.

6. Using the Hawthorne Strainer, strain into Martini Glass. Be sure to choke the strainer to prevent larger pieces of watermelon from getting into the glass.

7. Finish the cocktail with a piece of watermelon on a fruit pick.

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