Thursday, July 9, 2015

Recipe: Watermelon Salad

Ulah Bistro’s Watermelon Salad is perfectly refreshing for summer. Try it at home.

6oz of watermelon 
Mint pesto sauce : 4 Leaves of Mint, 6 Leaves of Basil, 0.07 ounces of Garlic, a quarter cup of Aged Parmesan, a quarter cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a pinch of Salt, a pinch of Pepper)
1 table spoon of Dijon mustard
Half a cup of orange juice
Cup of vegetable oil

Served with 
creamy feta :
1oz of feta 
1 table spoon of Greek yogurt 

Topped with baby cilantro and sherry wine vinegar. 

How Chef Mehdi makes the Basil-Mint Pesto Sauce :
dice garlic, chop the Basil, chop the Mint, adding the Aged Parmesan Cheese.
He puts all the ingredients in a bowl adding Extra Virgin Olive Oil at the end, blending everything together.

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