Friday, March 24, 2017

Opening: Something New Is Shaking in Navy Yard

Something new is shaking in Navy Yard. It's greasy, creamy, and oh-so-dreamy. 

Yes, my little neighborhood in Southeast D.C. landed its very own Shake Shack. Located on 54 M Street, it's steps from the ballpark, metro, and Capital Riverfront. 

(It's also not far from the Trapeze school, although I'd advise against visiting there afterwards.)

 The menu? Everything you already know and more. Burgers, hot dogs, fries and shakes. 
The bacon—oh, the bacon. At Shake Shack, they don't skimp. It's cooked with the perfect amount of crisp, and greasy enough to cure any Saturday night.

The fries...I can't vouch for those. For some reason that I still can't explain, I decided to give them up for lent. 

But I did come armed with a camera. And the truth is, there's not much more you can say than this:
From the chicken sandwich to the loaded hot dog, and my personal favorite, the Signature Smokeshack Burger, I left (read: rolled) out of the food joint feeling nothing but satisfied. 
I always say the sign of a good meal is when you forget to use the ketchup. It was a waste, but here's what mine looked like as I walked out:
Of course, no trip to Shake Shack would be complete without the shake. I went with Salted Vanilla Toffee, and it was so thick I needed a spoon. 

My only regret of the day was that I didn't invite my dog. Shake Shack, I learned, is a fan of furry companions.

Being a resident of Navy Yard for some time now, I'm pretty excited about our new neighbors. I'm so excited, in fact, I think I'll be shacking up.

Join me?

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