Monday, July 9, 2018

Things to Do: Rooftop Cookie Dough Pop-Up

DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections of NYC is coming to Washington D.C. ALL SUMMER LONG at the Watergate Hotel Rooftop. Top of the Gate will feature DŌ’s two most popular flavors: Chocolate Chip & Sugar Cookie. 

DŌ is NYC’s incredibly popular paradise for cookie dough lovers. DŌ offers REAL raw cookie dough, that’s safe to eat raw or cooked! DŌ makes their sweets safe to eat by using pasteurized eggs and a heat-treated flour, so you can eat as much uncooked dough as you want! The insta-worthy NYC shop has tons of DŌ flavors which can be scooped into cups or cones or served with ice cream, baked cookies, fudge, frosting, mixed into a shake, or whatever else your cookie-dough loving heart may desire! 

The brick and mortar shop in NYC almost always has a giant line out the door because of how popular it is. Instead of trekking all the way up to NYC and waiting in line, why not try their raw goods while sipping cocktails on a rooftop in DC? Did 10 year old you ever dream you would be able to do this? The Watergate will serve DŌ raw and baked, and will also be selling tubs to take home, every night during happy hour on the rooftop. 

The founder, Kristen Tomlan, is a Missouri native just like me and Lauren, and obviously we are all lovers of sweets! For more information on how it all got started, Kristen’s shop in NYC, and menu items, go to their website here. 

Definitely come check out this DŌ before it’s gone!

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