Friday, April 17, 2020

Thinking of Drinking: Red and White Sangria

Photo by Emily Clack
With weekends as beautiful as this one, Sangria seems like the perfect drink to sip on outside.  This Sangria is a twist on the traditional recipes that use brandy. Carmine’s uses Vermouth.  Both recipes are slightly sweet and very refreshing.  These are recipes are nice for a picnic, barbecue or party since the base of the drink can be made hours in advance.

Hopefully we can have gatherings again soon.

About 1 Gallon Recipe= Will Serve 8 ppl 2 glasses Each:

RED: Red Wine, Berry, Luxardo Cherry Liqueur, Sweet Italian Vermouth, Rosemary and Grapes
--1/4 Cup Luxardo Maraschino
--1/4 Cup Berry Puree (Monin Brand)
--3/4 Cups Peach Liqueur
--1 ¾ Cups Cinzano Sweet Vermouth
--3/4 Cups Lemon Juice
--1 ¼  Cups Simple Syrup
--1 Cup  OJ

Garnish With:
8 Sprigs Of Rosemary Cut into Smaller Pieces (about 2 Inches Long)
16 Orange Twists (just the outer rind of the orange peel-no white Pith)
16 Red Grape Clusters (snip small clusters with scissors)

Mix All Liquids Together Put In Large Pitchers with the Garnishes.  When Ready to Serve: Pour into Large Wine Glasses filled with Ice, Make sure to spoon the garnishes on Top for a nice presentation

WHITE: White Wine, Cantaloupe, Peach Liqueur, Bianco Vermouth and Citrus
--4 bottles Luca Bosio Moscato d'Asti D.O.C.G.
--3/4  Cups Cantaloupe Syrup (Monin Brand)
--3/4  Cups Lemon Juice
--1 ¾  Cups Cinzano Bianco (this is not dry vermouth, Bianco is lightly sweet)
--1/4  Cups  Peach Schnapps
--3/4  Cups Simple Syrup

Garnish with:
16 Orange Wheels  (cut about 1/8 inch thickness)
16 Lemon Wheels (cut about 1/8 inch thickness)
16 Lime Wheels  (cut about 1/8 inch thickness)
25 Basil Leaves
16 Cantaloupe Half Moons (peel the cantaloupe, cut in half lengthwise, remove seeds, flip over hallowed side down and cut width-wise half moon crescents about ¼ inch thick)

Mix All Liquids together and put into Pitchers with the Garnishes.  When Ready to Serve: Pour into large wine glass filled with Ice, Make sure to spoon the garnishes into the glasses

When Substituting the wine you may need to adjust the amount of simple syrup by a little bit.
Simple Syrup is Equal Parts Sugar and Water…gently heat on the stove until sugar is dissolved then cool. This is great to have on hand during the summer for Lemonade and Iced tea.

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